United Church Softball League Rules & Regulations

United Church Softball League Rules & Regulations


Enjoy the game of softball with a priority on glorifying and promoting Christ.


Joey Hartranft (President, Scheduler, ASA Coordinator, Treasurer)

Duane Lapp (VP, Website)


  • Meeting will be conducted by proper parliamentary procedure
  • Governing Committee, or Executive committee (3-97)
    • Consist of the president, vice president, treasurer
    • They are voted in for a one year term by the board
    • The New officers will assume their responsibilities at the first meeting of the following year. The new officers may also work in conjunction with the previous officers during the off season
  • Board (Meeting Attendees)
    • Consist of two roster players from each team (captain and one other player). Note, if the captain cannot be present, the captain designates a roster player to take his place


  • Uniforms
    • Prior to the start of the game, managers must come to an agreement for minor infractions for players not meeting ASA uniform code. If no agreement is reached by both managers, the game will revert to ASA rules
  • Swearing will not be tolerated in this league and Christian conduct will be expected at all times. (10-92)
    • Questionable behavior will be handled by the two coaches involved at the time of the incidence. Repetitive offenses will be taken to the Board of the league and penalties imposed.
  • Teams must have a minimum of 8 players at all times, regardless of injury or ejection and take an out for the 9th position at all times. (4-13)
    • A late player can only enter the game when his team is on offense.
    • Injuries during a game or a family emergency during a game that causes a reduction in players will not be penalized with an out until it causes a drop to 8. For all other reasons, every time the missing player’s slot comes up to bat, it counts as an out.
    • A team not having 8 players has a 10 minute grace period at the beginning of each game based on the scheduled start time. (4-13)
    • Examples of being short handed
      • 8 players is the minimum at all times no matter the situation, the 9th position is always an out
      • If you start with 9, no penalties until you drop to 8, if the 10 shows up, may add on offense
      • If you start with 11 by using the DP or EH, due to injury or family emergency during the game, you can drop to 10 or 9 without penalty. For any other reasons, dropping to 10 or 9 is an out unless you can follow the DP rules
    • EH Rule: Detailed explanation kept with league President
    • Ejection’s – Any ejections from a game will result in a suspension from the next game- regular season or playoff
      • If the same player is ejected a second time during the season, it will result in a 5 game suspension and the situation (and all future) shall be reviewed by the governing committee for a decision on further discipline. The decision made by the governing committee shall be voted on by the board.
      • A third ejection by the same player will result in suspension for the rest of the season
      • If a player did not sit out the next game after a suspension, the game he should have sat out will be counted as a forfeit (no time limit) and still owe the suspension. Remember, teams that forfeit a game will have to pay both umpire’s fees.
    • Player conduct (2-02)
      • If there is a question on any kind of conduct of a player that needs to be addressed, here are the steps to follow
      • That coach is to wait till after the game. He is to call or talk to the other about the situation
      • Call the president and report the incident
      • President is to call the 2nd coach and get the other coach’s view
      • The second incident is to be considered as a warning
      • If the 2nd incident is determine that the situation is flagrant, the governing committee can impose a 5 game suspension
      • The third incident is a 5 game suspension
    • A batter swinging at a ball after a fake bunt is counted as an out (3-14)


  • Any male age 15 and over can play
  • “One church teams” must have 5 players who attend church functions at the affiliated church at least three times a month. These 5 players must attend enough games to qualify for playoffs (3-16)
  • “Two church teams” must have 7 players who attend church functions at the affiliated church at least three times a month. These 7 players must attend enough games to qualify for playoffs (3-16)
  • All teams are allowed 4 “unchurched” players, the others must attend a church at least three times a month, but does not need to be the affiliated church. This is to encourage outreach opportunities (3-16)
  • Only 1 player on each team can be on another ASA roster (3-16)
  • All players must attend 50% of a team’s games to qualify for playoffs.
  • Rosters are due before the first game of the season. Players must be clearly marked as “core”, “other church”, or “unchurched”, and a note should be made for a player who is on another “ASA roster” (3-16)
  • Teams are allowed to have 20 players on their roster plus pickups; a total of 25 players on a “1 church” team. A “2 church” team can have 24 players (2-12)(2-15)
  • Due to an injury, a team can add a player with permission from the governing committee (2-15)


  • Each team pays for one umpire at the start of their game (4-13)
  • Teams are reimbursed for any umpire’s expense incurred during rain outs
  • During the finals in playoffs, umpires, will be paid by the league (3-14)
  • Full league payments are due before the season starts
    • All games will be forfeited until money is paid in full. Remember that the teams that forfeit a game will have to pay all umpire fees


  • Rainouts will be decided by the league president or to an individual he designates. Team captains will be notified via text or phone call and are responsible for notifying their teams. (3-16)
  • Field lights must be turned off by the visiting team following the last game on the respective field. If the lights are not turned off and coaches cannot be contacted to return to the field to do so, a $50 fine will be assessed to the visiting team (3-16)
  • Home team is listed first on the schedule
  • Away team is responsible for both lining the field before the game starts and raking the pitchers mound and batters box after. (3-16)
  • The first game of the night, the  away team has the field for practice up to 20 minutes before game time. Home team gets the field 20 minutes before game time (4-16)
  • Each team is required to supply 1 new game balls specified by the league. The home team also provides an extra ball that is in good condition. (4-16)
  • There is a 10 run rule after 5 innings, but the bottom of the inning is always played if the away team goes up 10+ in the top of the inning. I.e. the bottom of the 6th inning is still played if the away team goes up 10 in the top of the 6th (3-95) (3-16)
  • Metal spikes are not allowed
  • Both teams are required to text or e-mail the owner of the website the scores of their played games immediately post event. (3-16)


  • Trophies- The playoff championship team will be awarded a plaque from ASA (8-11)
  • The team score books are to be available upon request, for player eligibility, by any of the governing committee
  • Rosters must be in the league president’s possession 24 hours before first game. Failure to do this will result in forfeits till the president has the roster (10-92)
  • Protests must be executed per ASA rules and regulations
    • You must notify one of the governing committee within 48 hours
  • Protests are handled by the league officers in the best interest of the league.
  • Due to conflicting Church function, on game nights, there is a two week notification needed for a schedule change
  • Bats must be ASA approved. All bats on the ASA non-approved list are not allowed to be used during a game
  • Teams playing in a weekend tournament must notify the scheduler at the beginning of the season to make sure that they are given off or a single game the Friday night before the tournament.


  • Top 6 teams advance to the playoffs (3-14)
  • 1st two rounds are best of 3, and the finals are best of 5
  • Playoff teams that end in a tie will be decided by the following criteria for the seeding
    • The team with the most wins, between the two teams that are tied (head-to-head), gains the better position (2-99)
    • If still tie, team with most offensive runs scored between these two teams, advanced (10-00)
    • If still tie, team with most offensive runs scored in the league, would advance (10-00)


  • Were approved October -1990
  • Revised March -1991.
    • Revised and updates as noted